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Signal Focus on Shares of Wex Inc (WEX)

Checking in on shares of Wex Inc (WEX), we can see that the current opinion signal on the stock for today’s session  is 8% Sell. Looking back at the last month, the opinion signal reads 56% Buy. This is the combined signal for the previous month when applying a wide array of studies based on price movement. Using these same guidelines, […]

Market Tracker: Watching Shares of Golden Entmt (GDEN)

Checking the numbers for Golden Entmt (GDEN), we have seen that the Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average is trending lower over the past five sessions. Traders watching this indicator may be looking for negative near-term momentum on the stock. The investing world can be an exciting yet scary place. It is an ever-changing environment filled with profits, losses, and everything in-between. […]

Stock Buzz: SIGMAXYZ Inc. (TSE:6088), Gränges AB (publ) (OM:GRNG) Quant Signals & Returns Under the Microscope

In trying to determine how profitable a company is per asset dollar, we can take a look at  the firm’s Return on Assets.  Return on assets is calculated by dividing a company’s net income (usually annual income) by its total assets, and is displayed as a percentage. At the time of writing, SIGMAXYZ Inc. (TSE:6088) has 0.136116 ROA.  The measure is commonly used to compare the performance […]

Technical Focus: Following Shares of Applied Optoelect (AAOI) at Pivot Touches $12.94

Investors tracking technical indicators on shares of Applied Optoelect (AAOI) may be focusing in on the 20-Day Bollinger Bands signal. After a recent check, we have noted that the current reading is Hold. This short-term indicator may be used to help spot oversold and overbought conditions. The direction of the signal is presently Falling. Tracking another signal, we can see […]

Is the Aroon Oscillator Showing Bearish Signs For Enservco Corpporation (ENSV)?

Enservco Corpporation (ENSV) shares have seen increased volatility of late and the Aroon Oscillator is showing signs of a continued downtrend with a negative reading that is gaining momentum.  The Aroon Oscillator was developed by Tushar Chande to highlight the start of a new trend and to measure trend strength. Chande first described the indicator in the September 1995 issue of […]

Quant Signal & Rank Update For TriplePoint Venture Growth BDC Corp. (NYSE:TPVG), Gene Techno Science Co.,Ltd. (TSE:4584)

There are many different tools to determine whether a company is profitable or not. One of the most popular ratios is the “Return on Assets” (aka ROA). This score indicates how profitable a company is relative to its total assets. The Return on Assets for TriplePoint Venture Growth BDC Corp. (NYSE:TPVG) is 0.074465. This number is calculated by dividing net […]

LEONI AG (LEO.DE) Aroon Signals Are Showing Some Concerning Signs

LEONI AG (LEO.DE) shares are under watch as the Aroon Oscillator is showing a negative trend building.  The Aroon indicator, popularized by technician Tushar Chande, can be used to determine a likely direction for a particular market on several different time frames. It can be used in forex, stock or commodity markets. Since Chande began discussing the indicator in 1995, it […]